Australasian Assurance Services wants to help you improve your performance by guiding your business to achieve its safety goals.

A Gap Analysis is a vital first step.

Our Consultants will assess your Safety Management System and make sure it meets the criteria outlined in ISO 45001 or AS/NZS4801

Through a comprehensive audit process, we will help you devise a workable solution to address any areas needing attention and then help you put that plan in place. We can advise you how best to comply with the legislation and achieve even higher industry standards.

Our consultants will:

  1. Provide a tailor-made safety plan to ensure you comply with industry standards.
  2. Develop a simplified approach to risk-management
  3. Prepare your organisation for ISO Certification audits.
  4. Put down on paper an easy-to-understand document that steps you through the process of your businesses compliance journey.
  5. Identify what specific tools will best meet your organisation’s needs for Audits based on the following standards:
  6. AS/NZS 4801 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  7. ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety
  8. ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
  9. ISO 9001 – Quality Assurance

Workplace Assessments – we help you keep your workplace risk-low.

As part of that process, inspections need to complement and integrate with other safety management systems to:

  1. Understand what tasks have the biggest injury risks.
  2. Improve workplace conditions to reduce risks.
  3. Always meet legal requirements.

Inspections also help limit hazardous situations by alerting you to potential problems with plant and equipment.

Key areas that need monitoring include.

  • Systems of work;
  • staff health in high-risk work environments;
  • handling dangerous goods;
  • maintaining employee training;
  • ensuring constructive communication in the workplace.

We can personalise and help you integrate all the programs needed to implement these practices.

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